These Are the Services You Can Benefit From

Overflowing waste is bad for you and the environment. For that reason, Joseph Dant Garbage Service is determined to provide our clients with efficient trash disposal services. We operate in Rockport, IN, and you can take advantage of the following services:

Garbage Collection

We are professional garbage collectors who will come to your property with our large and comfortable vehicles that can accommodate items of any size. Just take out all your bags and packs with waste materials and products and they will be gone at the speed of light. No risks of pest infestation, virus infections, or air pollution.

Junk Removal

Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection

We remove trash, junk, and debris as well. If your residential or commercial property has just been through a major renovation and you have to get rid of many old, discarded, and broken items, do not hesitate and call our technicians. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Your clean and safe property is our main mission.

Yard Cleanup

You can hire our team to clear your yard from all unwanted belongings. Whether you have remodeled your home or moving out, call our contractor to prepare the property for the next inhabitants. Take everything outside and wait for our experts to come and haul everything away.

Handyman Services

We have the qualifications and dexterity to handle many home and business repairs as well. You can call us to fix minor issues with your plumbing or electrical system, or repair squeaky doors, windows, and more. With our work, you will save hundreds of dollars on expensive replacements.

Other Services

When you call our company for landscape care and grass cutting, our main focus is the curb appeal of your property and your health and welfare. You can call our crew for any issues in your yard or when you need to remove piles of snow and ice. We do gutter cleaning and tree trimming as well.

If your property is in Rockport, IN and you need professional advice on how to enhance the beauty and vibrant look of your landscape, we are here. Call Joseph Dant Garbage Service at (812) 213-7055 today.

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